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Globe cinema gets a make over

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globe1Movie buffs in town can now boast of another glimmering new place to watch movies which has a touch of history to it as well. 

The Globe cinema in Camp which is standing tall for the past 80 years has just got itself a complete makeover and would be serving the movie buffs the latest movies releases as the other multi screen multiplexes.
Globe was started on 22 October 1933 by Bacchu and Musa Hashambhai and “The Kid from Spain” was the first ever to be screened there.

Initially only English movies were screened and after Independence Hindi movies took over.

The baton of running Globe was transferred to the new generation of Yusuf, Sultan, Irfan, Salim Hashambhai in 1983. Deewar, Hathi mere Saathi, Waqt ki deewar were a hit at the theater but after this Globe started showing A grade movies and eventually closed down and then reopened in 2011 but was again closed.

Now GlobeCinema has been leased to Sai Shobha Entertainments who have spent lavishly on the same to make the city’s first Single screen theater with all the amenities like that of a multiplex.
The new Globe has a seating capacity of 276 with 20 seater Balcony and Air conditioning.

Globe is now fitted with the latest 3D Christie projector and screen. The acoustics too is similar to that of any multiplex.
A food court would be developed and also a small fountain, a beautiful garden is planned at the back of the theater.

The pricing of tickets would very competitive and the best and latest movies would be released here.
Globe Cinema could be open for public from May 17, 2013.

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5 thoughts on “Globe cinema gets a make over”

  1. So nice to know that Globe Talkies is reborn,renewed,photos

    of new theatre are very good,have fond memories of seeing

    hathi mere saathi,english war movies in 70’s.

    Thanks to team of allaboutbelgaum for giving us belgaumites

    an excellent update of all news of belgaum,hoping to see a

    movie at Globe in my next visit to the city.

  2. For anyone that grew up in Belgaum (upto early 1990s), they have a lot of memories associated with Globe theater. I remember watching old hindi movies in the late 70s/early 80s. I also vividly remember watching “the Eagle has Landed” in the mid 1980s and the movie “Nadia” (based on the life of Romanian olympic gymnast Nadia Comaneci) in the winter of 1989 (as pointed out by Chetan in an earlier post). This movie was screeened for several schools and it was an awesome experience watching the movie with your entire school. And of course, then there were the movies screened in the 1990s (when I was in junior college), when we had to sneak in and out of the theater from the back entrance, because being seen going into one of those movies at the “Globe talkies” was a big taboo. Ofcourse, most films that I sneaked in and watched, did not even stand up to what their posters claimed!

    Kudos and thanks to the Hashambhai family for not falling into the lure of shopping malls and preserving this landmark (and the collective memories of Belgavkars).


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