Inox Chandan is getting ready


Here is a first look at the Inox Chandan theatre from the outside.

Be sure this blog will also give you a inside look of the Inox Chandan, but in dude course.


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  1. hi praveen,
    as you had a question as to are the owner's of INOX CHANDAN still the same or not?
    The ans is YES they are and will always be the same SHAIKH FAMILY. we are still the owners and will alwys serve you all in the form of launching new and good films.

  2. hey….gud to here about da inox……but i herd b4 dat da inox was cuminup next to bigbazar!!!!wat was dat all about????

  3. The best location for a multiplex is Arun. The owners should look into it. A huge mall and mutiplex with gaming centre is possible there.

  4. Unfortunately Mr Daval Jangu Shaikh expired last week…… its sad tht he will not be around to see his dream project being revived…

  5. Uday, i have a question here. Are the original owners of these theater still the same i.e., i mean the existing owners itself re-launching/re-opening these theater under the brand of Big Cinemas & Inox or else they have sold/leased their property to Big Cinemas & Inox for business?

  6. i remember watching the 1st movie 1st day 1st show in this place. a kannada movie (mangalya)
    it s a huge theatre. go to see it re open in a new style.

  7. gud multiplex development in bgm…
    hope to c da same pace of development for roads,sanitation,water,etc.etc….


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