Kannada Film festival from Feb 19 in Belagavi


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Cine goers are in for a treat with the Kannada Film Festival which will be held in the city from February 19 to 27 February.

Every day the movie would be shown in different theaters at 8.30 AM.


Feb 19 – Swaroop Nartaki – Ingle Marg

Feb 20 – Chitra – Bharat Stores

Feb 21 – Chitra – Tallan

Feb 22 – Chitra –Ingle Marg

Feb 23 – Chitra –Kurmavatara

Feb 24 – Prakash – Allide Summane, Ille Banda Summane

Feb 25 – Prakash – Prasad

Feb 26- Prakash – Bharat Stores

Feb 27 – Prakash – Kurmavatara

Commissioner of Police S Ravi will inaugurate the film festival on February 19.

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  1. 8.30 AM for a movie festival ?

    Why is it so early? Isn’t it slightly inconvenient time to watch a movie?

    I wonder how many people will come to see.


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