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Class proceedings live Telecast at Gokak

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In a very interesting story, the New Indian Express has made this amazing story from Gokak – A government school in Upparhatti village of Gokak taluk has made it almost impossible for its students to bunk classes. What may be a first of its kind in the state, it has set up a ‘school live’ project that lets parents watch the classroom proceedings of their children live on their television screens.

The school has 534 students in classes 1 to 8 and the class proceedings are broadcast live to 292 houses in the village. The school has set up 10 high definition cameras in the classrooms. There is a control room that transmits the recordings to the local cable TV operators, who telecast a channel showing the classroom proceedings. Each class is shown on the screen for 15 minutes. The total expense of the project is `5 lakh, which was met by donations from villagers, parents of the students, the gram panchayat and the teachers.

The project is the brainchild of Mannikeri, who says that the quality of teaching in the school has improved after the introduction of the cameras.

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  1. One would like to see detailed list of “quality improvement” findings..

    Wouldnt the thought of ” I am being watched always/anytime” would bring a peculiar feeling in the teachers/children ?



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