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Maximum movie publicity made in Belgaum

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Mumbai is a city of dreams and many go to the city to work in the film industry. But it is not always that creativity is in Mumbai, small cities like Belgaum also play a vital role in the making of a movie and its release.

Kabeer Kaushik’s ‘Maximum’, the new hindi movie starring Naseeruddin Shah and Sonu Sood, the publicity material like the hoarding designs, posters have been designed by a Belgaumite team in Belgaum.

Vinod Chavan a freelance artist has created this campaign along with another two artists from Belgaum.

All the designs are digitally painted pixel by pixel and it took them around 2 months to get them ready.
Vinod has also been part of an animation movie made in the same movie which was also made with help of 3i Global another Belgaum based IT company.
Speaking to this blog Vinod said, “ Belgaum has a lot of talent and such work done for such big banners will definitely motivate youngsters to come into this creative field.”


5 thoughts on “Maximum movie publicity made in Belgaum”

  1. Good to know that team from bgm was involved in such film project, i am also a freelancer and develop software/website, games & animations. It would be good to connect with people like vinod from belgaum and may be this blog or the belgaum IT will be good platform for all type of freelancer from belgaum.

  2. “Vinod Chavan a freelance artist has created this campaign along with another two artists from Belgaum”
    I wish you would be fair to ‘Belgaum’ instead of only to Vinod’s publicity. Why do injustice to the two other artists..they might have played a little smaller role, maybe they are employed by Vinod Chavan. But since the number is not in dozens or hundreds, it was fairly easy to add the two more names in the article. It would encourage them too and bring them to limelight without eating up Vinod’s spotlight.

    I hope this is corrected in all fairness!!


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