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Swim against the current – Priyanka Francis

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“It takes a strong person to swim against the current; any dead fish will float with it”. This phrase is very similar to what our new Corporation commissioner is upto these days. Priyanka Mary Francis is young, dynamic and that is visible from her body language alone. She is not one of those IAS officers who will flow with the currents but a lady of vigor who wants to get the work done in the manner it needs to be accomplished.

The lazy bums in the corporation now are having sleepless nights and tiresome working hours as she has tried to put in some discipline in the working.

`My efforts will be to do a good and memorable contribution for the development of Belgaum till I am on this seat’ these were the first words she said when she assumed office recently.priyankamaryfrancis commCORP

It is said that earnestness has only got her to Belgaum after 8 months from Chikkodi. But the hurdles she would face here which is amongst the most indisciplined offices in the state will not be an easy task.

Each department has been alloted time slots in which they have to get the official documents for her signature. She calls officers any time of the day if not found in office and then suddenly arrives at the spot mentioned, if the officer is there at the spot he is saved else it would be a very bad day for him/her.

She has also thought of a Facebook page for the corporation and she would implement the same soon. Janspandan program where the locals can lodge their grievances would be started from June 30 at Kalamandir and Kumar Gandharv Rang mandir ward wise.

But in a country where one officer performs selflessly for the development the road for Priyanka will not be a bed of roses but rather it will have some BIG thorns. If you see her work style in Chikkodi she was transferred in 8 months, hope we can see her work for a longer tenure and also see some solid developments in the city and also in the working style.

The changes made by her in the corporation are note worthy but challenges infornt of her are big as the Himalayas. Political pressure is a major hindrance for any officer in a city like Belgaum but we all should wish the young lady Good luck.

9 thoughts on “Swim against the current – Priyanka Francis”

  1. Wish you Good Luck!!!! Expectations are high as there are almost zero developents for Belgaum from Jan 2012 or may be before that.

  2. Dear Madam
    , Please , raise My loving Belgaum city to better standards , stop slum spreading like that of new Gandhi nagar, Since you are from Kerla and have sense of harmony in Mangalore and kasrgod district where malyali and kannada are common on Bus board and people are cordial in every aspect , I wish your workstyle should change some linguits stupids officials in Belgaum to behave well,
    Belgaum should becoem one good place for evey human being

  3. Hurdles will be their always, whats important is, lets not stress and speak about hurdles as a big thing, Belgaum needs Growth and Development in all Sectors, So lets speak about what we need and how we need, Just motivate people who wants to do it. We all need improvements for Belgaum. We all wish her and support her towards improvements of Belgaum. Wish you a Very Good luck Mam..

  4. Wish you the very best. Well turning from ISRO to Civil Services clearly suggests that she has the zeal in her. No doubts at all that she is honest & has very good intensions. We Belgaumites are lucky to have her as our adminstrator. Hope in the given constraints she really makes a difference. Well I see her as a angel.

  5. Its about time that someone like Priyanka take some charge and kick asses. The whole of Indias’govt offices are filled with disgusting and unprofessional people. I wish her all the best and hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.


  6. Mam I am very much inspired from you I aiso wanted to be like you in future .you became my first inspiration when I saw you in G.S.S coiiege function & you falicitated me that was an unforgettable mopment for me . you are doing an out standing job.thank you mam.


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