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No one ready to build legislators home near Suvarna Soudha

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The Suvarna Soudha being built at a cost Rs391 crores is in its last stage and almost 98% of the work is over which includes benches, sound system etc. It is likely that the Winter session could be held here.

But what about the Legislators house; the government had planned a Legislators’ house for the elected representatives at the same site just adjoining the Suvarna Sodudha.

The Public Works Department (PWD) had invited for equest for participation for the said project for four times but no one has responded to the same.

The plan was to set up a legislators’ home cum resort of about 500 rooms on a PPP basis with a project cost of Rs.100 crore which would be utilized as a Legislators’ house for 30 days in a year and rest of the year the same could be used an Hotel.

Today the Deccan Herald has given some more insights on this.

The main reason for no response from the private firms is that a resort wont be a commercially viable as it is 12 kms from the city.


12 thoughts on “No one ready to build legislators home near Suvarna Soudha”

  1. It is sad that no one is interested about Resort. I think they should have built Suvarna Soudha in city limits.

  2. Its not commercially viability stopping it is because they may not get to do corruption which is stopping them after so many corruption getting exposed due to RTI definitely they will do it in some other way.
    12 KM is not so far the NH 4 is in good condition you can reach in 10-15 mins to this place from CBT there are lots of buses to halga bastwad and nearby places and there is hardly any traffic jams.

  3. once the area is little developed it will be these developers who will jack up land rates to sky-high and get butter from milk.

  4. The real fact is not about city limit , sure it is corruption and chunk of byte every one wants PWD , ppolitiicians etc, this resort will server interest of politicians during off seasons , best way to deal with this situation is

    Built a resort cum Hotel open to public all time ( no 30 day blcokade)
    Sift back all N Karnataka offices back to Belgaum and accommodate in Suvrna Vidhan Suadha so officials and people visiting this office can make use of this hotel fecility , also the prices should eb reasonable, beides if all admin offices are at one place this will reduce not only traffic in city but also inter departmental file movemnts and other benfits for people requiring various services in one local premise. Our dirty politicnas lack far sightedness and neibhouring politicians envy Belgaum driving offices out of Belgaum division to thir home districts not serving any purpose

  5. can’t understand why people call it waste of money. if the similar thing is built in hubli/bangalore or pune/mumbai they will say nothing will happen in Belgaum

  6. I think companies are more interested in laying out plots around Suvrna Vidhan Suadha than building a resort or a hotel for politicians.

  7. Finally, Suvarna Soudha is getting ready. But, Its been long time we did not hear any development news (In government or Private) for Belgaum when compared to other cities like Mangalore,Mysore,Hubli. Not sure what may be the reason?


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