Milind Gadagkar from Belgaum ready to Phoonk 2


He loves to scare his audience. After giving us the goosebumps in Phoonk as a writer, Milind Gadagkar has now turned director and is all set to scare us with his debut Phoonk-2. An engineer from Belgaum, Milind shifted to Pune in 2001. After working with a company for a while, he realised his real passion — films. So, he quite his job and shifted to Mumbai. It was Ram Gopal Varma who gave Milind his first break as a writer in Phoonk. The movie is all set to release on April 16.

Milind with Ram Gopal Varma

Milind did his engineering from GIT(Gogte institute of Technology).

When Milind gave Ramu the idea of Phoonk-2, Ramu agreed and said Milind you would be the best person to direct it.

In Phoonk 2, Milind wanted to take the audiences to a place where the horrors are so painfully, scary and gory that even a rational mind will lose its sanity.

Milind feels that Phoonk was more of an emotional drama because the scare factor comes through helplessness that the parents go through. While Phoonk-2 starts off with the spirit of an evil woman coming back from the dead and brutally murdering the tantrik. The fear factor in Phoonk-2 is very high. Since, the tantrik is dead, the danger the ghost poses for the family is very high, making the film scarier.

From the Phoonk 2 sets

Movie enters the lives of a couple (played by Sudeep and Amruta Khanvilkar) and their kids (Ahsaas Channa, Shrey Bawa) who continue to be haunted by the evil force (Ashwini Kalsekar) which is back from the dead. However, situations this time around are entirely new.

The movie shooting was started in the month of October and finished the entire principal shooting in 37 days.


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  1. Hi Milind,

    wish you the very best & success fron all friends, relatives !! Our journey stsrts from belgaum , pune , more of brother relationship !! cheers & proud to be belgaumite !!

    rgds ..uday shinde pune

  2. Feels Proud to know Milind- the Director, is from OUR Belgaum. I did see Phoonk, was a good movie. Will watch Phoonl-2 for sure.


    • I am his maternal uncle, residing in BELGAUM. Milind spent most of the Educational time here in Belgaum. From the childhood he was always after the produce & direct the films with the help of toys
      & the his cousine brothers as film actors. He was interested to listen the stories & know all about such a type of BLACK MAGIC. Any way I am proud of my Nephew ,that he was very ambitious & reached to that extent . We all his Uncles ,& family members, & friends wishing him the better.

      Niteen Kapileshwarkar

      Add- H.No.1366 Baswan Galli, Belgaum-1 Mob 98867 91433


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