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One step with United India Films from Belgaum

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united india films belgaumMovies have always attracted people towards its glamor and in this little cozy town of Belgaum we have some youngsters led by Abhishek Bendigeri of United India Films who has decided to make short films and now has been invited to showcase his new film at the International Level “Good Deeds Short Film Festival” on 21st February 2013 at New Delhi.

Abhishek Bendigeri is an Engineering student pursuing at S. G. Balekundri Institute of Technology. He started this small team under the banner United India Films three years ago aimed at making inspirational/motivational documentaries and films to ignite the spirit of conscience and responsibilities in today’s youth.

A few of their creations is already on Internet, seeing which the CEO of Character Development Initiative, New Delhi recognized the talent and invited them for Good Deeds Short Film Festival at New Delhi.
Abhuishek was halcyon on this invitation and made him think more and in fact ignited him to participate in the event. He then handpicked some good people in the city and finally made a team who are all from step

Speaking to this blog about this short film made for the festival, Abhishek said “ Well the concept on which we are representing in the event is titled as The One Step – It’s a Kannada Short Film. To say something about the film – It’s all about how the rural youth today face problems for attaining education. It depicts the zeal of young kid ‘Basavraj’ addressed as “Bashya” in the film, who has just passed his class tenth and wants to pursue diploma. But due to ill economic conditions of his family his father denies for it. But he makes his father convinced and takes a step ahead and finally becomes successful in pursuing Diploma. The moral says – If that young kid, if he would have listened to his father and if he wouldn’t had given a try he would have been no where in the real world but, he took one step ahead in his life, made his father convinced and becomes successful in his life.”

The Film appeals the youth to

Move ahead… Move ahead… Steadfast.

Without any doubts & fears, forge ahead.

The world makes way for the person who knows where he is headed. So take that One step Ahead.

It wasn’t easy to get the finances and convince people but fortunately their efforts brought good sponsors.

Mr. Suresh Hundre, Mr. Lingaraj Jagjampi, Prof. U. R. Rajput, R.L.S. Belgaum, Dr. T. Venkatesh, Rani Chennamma University helped them get the Rs 15,000/- and the entire film was shot in M. K. Hubli a village on the national highway 4.

The Film has come out good with the essence of rural life and we are hoping for a good response by the jury in the event at Delhi.

 United India Films team for current short film:

A Film by Abhishek P. Bendigeri

Directed & Edited -Abhishek P. Bendigeri

Starring – Akshay PAtil & Suresh Sakkrannavar

Story & Concept – Mr. Santosh V. Kalyani, CEO, CDI, New Delhi

Cinemetography -Sanket Kulkarni

Screenplay – Abhishek Bendigeri & Sanket Kulkarni

Voice over – Dr. B. M. Hiremath, S.G.B.I.T, Bgm

Still photography – Anup Karlatti & Abhishek Savdatti

Technical Team – Chiranjivi Patil, Anjaney Koujalgi & Saad Shaha

All the best to United India Films. The movie would be showcased at the festival and once it is showcased it will be available for public viewing.

Some earlier short films made by Abhishek.

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