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Rishab Shetty’s Rudraprayag will be set in Belagavi

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Rishab Shetty’s next directional venture will be set in Belagavi. The first look of the movie Rudraprayag has been unveiled & Belagavi stands out in the poster.

Rishab Shetty has proved his mettle in direction with Kirik party & SHPSK & now Rudraprayag will be his next venture.

The story which revolves around Belagavi is a thriller & makers of the movie has assured that every 10 mins of the movie will take you for a roller coaster ride. It’s the first time in the films, Belagavi will be explored in different perceptive.

rudraprayagSamarth Kadkol & Sripad Joshi from Belagavi have developed the script for Rishab Shetty. The director had the story since his college days when he shared the idea of Rudraprayag with Samarth & Sripad, they got excited & even more when Rishab told Belagavi will be the place. Shooting will be commenced from October. Rishab has a big vision for this movie, I am sure he will pull off in the best possible way.

With the film’s poster, which gives importance to Belagavi and Rudraprayag. “Prayag means Sangama in Hindi, and the subject will have relevance to Rudraprayag, which is established if you turn the poster upside down.

Rudraprayag will be our first movie with Rishab Shetty that will go on floor & we are honoured to present Belagavi in the movie Rudraprayag because Belagavi is the place where we decided we want to make films, said Kadkol.

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