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Where is the Parking?

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With the police issuing No Parking on 21 roads in the city – hefty fine for violations, everyone was bust thinking where is the parking?

The Commissioner of police has mentioned that parking is an offense and parking of any kind of vehicles are barred on the 21 roads listed.

Citizens were amazed at this decision and most of them were found asking then where do we park? Where are the alternate arrangements for parking?

Many say this is a myopic solution to a grave problem each city is facing and will it really help in the smooth flow of traffic.

Prateek Kabbur said -This literally covers entire Belagavi. Where to park vehicles?

Leena Topannavar Anand said – Let the commercial complex provide the facilities of parking. Before coming out with such foolish rules without logic, need to rethink what is the step taken by the local body to solve the parking problem. Tughlaq Mohmmad rules and regulations.

Where to park if it is restricted in all the main areas. Instead, take strict actions on all the commercial complex who are using parking space for commercial purpose.

Citizens need to come forward form a forum to fight such decisions which are taken only considering one side of the coin.

The towing vehicles are brought to make extra income in terms of fines. Sad state to see the way things are happening in Belagavi.

no-parkingAkshay Jeerge said – The police is only interested in collections of fees and harassing the public for small violations and fill up their pockets. There are a lot of other important issues like, poor street lighting facilities, stray dogs attacking people, lack of roads to commute. So many accidents happen due to traffic mismanagement only because the cops are interested in penalizing the public instead of doing their duties. There is no one to question them.

Chetan Chougule mentioned – Congratulations to all. Now Belagavi is the first no parking city in the world !!

Santosh Halkarnimath said – Commissioner Sir this is not the way to manage traffic…Show me at least one parking board for 4W. Double roads can easily be used for parking if managed technically like straight line parking for cars. Big metro cities provide parking where roads have been widened. How come we are not able to do it? Vehicles have to be accommodated somewhere..Only by ” No Parking” funda this will not help but will only make things complicated.

Sundar Latkan said – Henceforth I will stop making any purchases in those shops doesn’t have parking space.

Sahir Kittur mentioned – Its really high time to buy an autorickshaw and live happily in Belgaum

Chowkidar Shivraj Singh Rajput said – It will bring Great loss for all Major and small businesses within City limits.. It will encourage Prime customers (Car owners) for shopping for other options like online shopping and shop in extensions area’s

We have only the Corporation parking in Bapat Galli, Parking at Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Circle.

Advocate Harshavardhan Patil had written to the Commissioner that immediately issue a Notice/ letter to the City Corporation, PWD & Smart City ltd as they all have failed to develop parking spaces in the city.

Why should a common man pay for the failure of these Government Babus?

All these local authorities should first identify parking zones and later if there is violation should be imposed with the fine. If there is no parking zone, where will the people park their vehicles?

It is mandatory for City corporation and PWD to provide parking space for the public. Unfortunately, Belagavi City Corporation has failed to provide parking areas in many commercial and public places.

The simple question where is the parking?

No parking of any kind of vehicles on the following roads –

1) From Rani Channamma Circle to Krishnadevaraya Circle – Dr. BR Ambedkar Road (Civil Hospital Road)

2) Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to KLE Hospital

3)Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO).

4) From Veer Rani Channamma Circle to Sangolli Raiyana Circle (RTO)

5) Asoka Circle (Fort Lake) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO)

6) Ashoka Circle(Fort Lake) to Kanakadasa Circle.

7) new Gandhi Nagar Circle from Ashoka Circle

8) Mujawar Khoot to Circuit House.

9) From the Central Bus Station Old PB Road up to VRL

10)Dharmanath Bhavan to Police Bhawan.

11) Ramdev Hotel to Dharmanath Bhawan.

12) Channamma Circle Ganesh Mandir -College road upto to Pavan Hotel

13) College Road from Yande khoot (IDBI Bank) to RLS College.

14) College Road – Yande Khoot (IDBI Bank) to Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle

15) Club Road -Milan Hotel to Harsha Electronics.

16) Samadevi Galli – Gondhali Galli Cross to IDBI Bank.

17) Kirloskar Road – Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle Ramlingkhind Galli Cross.

18) SPM Road – Renuka Hotel Cross to Prakash Theater.

19) SPM Road – Bank of India to Shivaji Garden Gate.

20) Khanapur Road RPD – RPD Circle to Bhagya Nagar Cross.

21)Narvekar Galli – From Samadevi Temple to Risaldar Galli.

15 thoughts on “Where is the Parking?”

  1. It will be a big low for small businesses in these areas and lack of parking will encourage people to move towards Big partners like Dmart and Big Bazaar which can provide parking.
    These rules will directly hit the Economy of Belgavi city .

  2. Somewhere in school we learnt,”Moderate inflation is necessary for economy”.
    But a parking fine that was RS 100 ,suddenly increases fifteen fold doesn’t sound smart.
    What can the initiative behind such hafty decisions without proper R&D
    Every single person here knows how
    The city corporation is making money.
    The police is making money,
    The govt is making money,
    And the COMMON MAN is still struggling to make ends meet.

  3. Which road is left. And where to park. First identify the parking areas or allot one. Then do all this. God save us.

  4. Police will say–“Well it was about time we (Police ) enforced such restrictions for Parking of Vehicles on public roads of Belagavi”. However this order ,I feel is Harse and Sudden. Vehicular Public and Authorities must sit down immediately at a table, discuss the issue and decide the best options to solve this crisis.

  5. Stop Registration of New Vehicles in Belgaum City. Public has to pay road tax n also pay fine for parking vehicles in City. This is not fare.

  6. Stop Registration of New Vehicles in Belgaum City. Public has to pay road tax n also pay fine for parking vehicles in City. This is not fare

  7. Just ask the concern department to visit Ganpat galli and one small passage near patankar pickle shop and take decisions to smooth flow of traffic
    There are small vendors literally on middle of the road selling masala and spices causing huge obstructions even selling of other Pooja materials during festivals
    Making no parking on 21roads is nothing but indirectly hampering business in
    Belgaum and people should go to malls
    and full fill the business needs of multinationals and kill small business owners

  8. It’s really disgusting, The authorities should arrange atleast 10 parking spaces besides asking commercial establishments to vacate their basement which was meant for parking purpose. It’s high time to create a forum and meet the concerned authorities.

  9. Respected Commissioner, kindly once leave ur government car at home and travel on a bike to Ganpati galli and surrounding areas and try to do some shopping in this rainy season (without disclosong ur identity) , u will come to know what is public going through.. Can u imagine parking our vehicles around 2 to 3 kms away and walk the entire route in rain to buy something? Whom are u targetting public or bussiness people?

  10. If authorities have come up with no parking solution to avoid traffic, we request them to come up with Parking solution to control the traffic. Now as per guidelines public only know where not to park. It would be very much helpful if public also know where to park when they reach at above listed 21 locations. I request authorities to please provide parking locations for respective 21 locations.


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