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No Parking on 21 roads in the city – hefty fine for violations

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For the smooth flow of traffic, the Commissioner of Police Belagavi has made 21 roads as no parking for all kind of vehicles.
No parking fine Rs.1000 as per the revised notification. If the vehicle is Towed away, Towing charges extra.
No parking of any kind of vehicles on the following roads –
1) From Rani Channamma Circle to Krishnadevaraya Circle – Dr. BR Ambedkar Road (Civil Hospital Road)
2) Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to KLE Hospital

3)Krishnadevaraya Circle (Kolhapur Circle) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO).

4) From Veer Rani Channamma Circle to Sangolli Raiyana Circle (RTO)

5) Asoka Circle (Fort Lake) to Sangolli Rayanna Circle (RTO)

6) Ashoka Circle(Fort Lake) to Kanakadasa Circle.

7) new Gandhi Nagar Circle from Ashoka Circle

8) Mujawar Khoot to Circuit House.

9) From the Central Bus Station Old PB Road up to VRL

10)Dharmanath Bhavan to Police Bhawan.

11) Ramdev Hotel to Dharmanath Bhawan.

12) Channamma Circle Ganesh Mandir -College road upto to Pavan Hotel

13) College Road from Yande khoot (IDBI Bank) to RLS College.

14) College Road – Yande Khoot (IDBI Bank) to Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle

15) Club Road -Milan Hotel to Harsha Electronics.

16) Samadevi Galli – Gondhali Galli Cross to IDBI Bank.

17) Kirloskar Road – Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj circle Ramlingkhind Galli Cross.

18) SPM Road – Renuka Hotel Cross to Prakash Theater.

19) SPM Road – Bank of India to Shivaji Garden Gate.

20) Khanapur Road RPD – RPD Circle to Bhagya Nagar Cross.

21)Narvekar Galli – From Samadevi Temple to Risaldar Galli.

From Samadevi Galli [from the road opposite the Samadevi Mandir] Two wheelers allowed to park in Risaldar Galli upto Sahniwar Khoot.

traffic cops fine

If your vehicle is Towed away, following fines would apply –
– No parking fine Rs.1000 – Towing charges Rs.650 – Total Rs.1650

LMV/Car – No parking fine Rs.1000 – Towing charges Rs.1000 – Total Rs.2000


36 thoughts on “No Parking on 21 roads in the city – hefty fine for violations”

  1. And where is alternative parking made available so that all customers, patients, students, office goers and general public who will want to use the services of the registered establishments can avail of such services without being inconvenienced??
    Myopic solution to resolving traffic congestion, I think….

  2. Unnecessary trouble to citizens. How small shops are going to business. Just because Govt brought a new towing vehicle you cannot impose the no parking on all important commercial streets.

  3. The police department or the media should publish the names of the roads where parking is prohibited in the traditional names the roads are known by. Most of the citizens are not aware of Kanakadas road, krishnadevaraya circle etc.

  4. Well the the ideas is great but the wisest answer must be to where will the public park. One could be every building in these places must have basements for parking that’s a must no matter what else don’t permit the building for work unless the work done strict rules must be applied then carry on the work,that can be one of the alternative.

  5. Though a good initiative, like many asked where to park then ? Also a lot of them who come from wrong must be stopped, they cause a lot of nuisance and cover half the road.

  6. 1st mark the places , for parking n then apply these rules , without parking lot , where these people should park ?

  7. How you can impose this without making any alternative arrangements far parking.

    Ans make sure the rule applies to all government vehicles, military vehicles, autoes as well.

    We civilians being a responsible citizan will send photographs of traffic violators and action must be taken from official’s.

    Citizens please co-operate with traffic pilice with loads of violators pictures to police WhatsApp number
    +91 94839 31100

  8. Should we keep on their head if no parking everywhere? First stop selling vehicles and also govt should give alternate way of commuting at cheaper price

  9. Please do deshmukh road also. Very much needed. Second please see that those who are driving in tripicate need to stop. It has become a fashion today. Third stop MOBILE Usage while driving. Put 5000 fine. All people are taking things for granted. Some times what British people said is true. You are not fit to rule but to be ruled.

  10. RPD Cross to 1st Gate is also very congested, narrow road with heavy traffic. This road must be made no parking zone. Service roads crossing this road be made parking area. These service roads are layed with pavers/concrete and wasted, can be cleaned and used for parking.

  11. In some cities of Maharashtra first they have made arrangement for parking by marking for two & four wheelers and then they have implemented this rule. Here in Karnataka rules first. First parking arrangement?

  12. This is utter nonsense and harassment to the citizens of my Belgavi.
    The officer is downright to curb the middle-class and all.
    Please do tell who gave money to bring the towing( we, the taxpayers).
    Do keep in mind that such rules without alternate arrangements is sure to see the dust.
    Save the common man.
    Read all above.
    Me too sad about vanity of posts.

  13. All the customers coming to various shops, clinics and hospitals on Dr Ambedkar road or civil hospital road park vehicles on both sides of the road
    If one cannot park the vehicles on this road then where to park them ?

    It is better to mark side of the road for parking with well marked areas
    There should be parking charges that can be collected by vendors or automatic machines
    That will be income for government
    If parking is auctioned to vendors more pragmatic use of space is guaranteed

  14. Gud to make the rules, but please hold No Parking boards correctly. N also one way road board clearly visible.

    N please make parking zones to convenient the patients n old age people.please….

  15. Parking zone and sign boards visibility to personal is important and it is to be desided by verifying public convincene before loading rules on public. Awareness programmes tube conducted.

  16. It’s a good idea. But what about the handicapped persons who cannot walk or are with the walker how will they be able to approach the doctors. Have you made any parking lots. You want to copy America or the metros but then each shop has to buy parking for their customers . Big parking lots are there for 1000 cars. You can have multi-storey parking lots or any other alternate idea. But this is only a torture for me to take my handicapped husband to dentist or doctors. Thank you for making our life more difficult

  17. Then where do we park our vehicles, do these rules are imposable on police and govt vehicles also including vips, what abiut mobilers, will police department think of prohibiting heavy vehicle trafficing through city in the market etc during day time, these should be allowed to enter the city and market only after 10pm. and what about roads ??

  18. We as the citizens of this India obay and try to follow the instructions and rules made for the sefty of common man, and very much thanks to this action taken by police commissioner of belagavi.But at the same time it’s very important to provide space where an common man who can easily park and try to follow rules,other wise it’s nothing more or less to have an conflict in between public,so please it’s also necessary to have a list of Street very we can park any vehicle so which makes an common people happy to follow rules, thanks

  19. Where to park? Non sense department official & use less government. What public representatives are doing?

  20. Fine charges are too much. No parking Rs.1000/- ? This is rediculous.
    Police should first curb wrong side driving, triple seat, talking on mobile while driving, school boys driving vehicle, and many more.

  21. This rule is tailor-made just to harass the already harassed public. Looks very very impractical and a nightmare to public.

    Already public is harassed by auto thugs on whom police have absolutely no control.

    Police seems to have taken public patience for granted.

  22. I think we should park our vehicles in kolhapur or in goa and then come in city for shopping . It’s really crazy they almost done no parking in all roads then how people will come to city for shopping and where they should park vehicles. Commissioner should make arrangements for parking where they have blocked.

  23. First sufficient parking space should be earmarked. Now, Belgaum requires multistoried parking due to the increased number of vehicles. This short sighted idea will cause chaos and gives more scope for corruption.

    I feel instead of catching riders without helmet, which is easier, the crackdown should be on reckless driving, tripple riding, use of mobile during riding/driving, prevention of use of high beam, use of loud horn. The stress should be towards instilling a sense of discipline amongst the vehicle users. The auto drivers should be taught to be polite towards the passengers. Like this lot of things are to be done to improve the condition of traffic. The licensing system needs a overhaul. You pay some amount to the agent to get the licensed done. Traffic Police also require some training in traffic/crowd management.
    Instead, this rule is implemented, then no one can use vehicles for city commuting.

  24. How stupid is this rule!!! We can might as well park our vehicle’s in the Commissioner’s house and traffic police quarters and then walk down to the city as that area is not mentioned in the “No Parking Zone” and hence we will not be fined.

  25. GNo Helmet.. fine 1000/-
    Parking at No Parking…fine 1000/-
    Vehicle in no entry… Fine 100/-
    Triple seat driving… Fine 2000/-
    Plastic use…. Fine 5000/-………
    We citizens are ready and do follow all the rules..

    But Who is responsible for the below..

    Potholes on roads… No one responsible
    Non working signal lights.. No one responsible
    Dug road no repairs… No one responsible
    Political Flex banners on road… No one responsible
    Encroached footpath.. No one Responsible
    Overflowing Garbage bins on road… No one responsible…..
    no proper street lights… no one responsible..

    Looks like public are the only culprit and liable to be fined.
    Administration and government is no way responsible. No rules and regulations implies on them. They are never responsible for any problems. They are not to be blamed.

    Citizens are the only who will work…
    Who will suffer pain…
    will pay tax… Will pay fine…
    Keep the government treasury filled…….

    This should change
    And only possible if we spread the message among public, raise awareness & raise our voice.

  26. Just inform where WE CAN PARK instead of WHERE NOT. That shall be better. Seems the whole city is a no parking zone now. Make city cycle friendly or people should walk only. During HOLI the coming year let us all burn our vehicles.

  27. Non sense idea of restrictions on parking. As all had suggested make parking arrangements first, considering vehicle population and then out with this rules. First regulate traffic like triple seat driving, following speed restrictions etc. It is unfortunate if these rules are lmplemented, will create chaos and resentment

  28. Thanks for the info AAB., like to suggest signboard for NO PARKING should be placed across these point, as it will be remainder for people not to park their vehicle.

  29. Then why public need to pay all nonsense taxes…?
    If public ready for suffering in all fields then public don’t need to pay taxes…!
    Think about it first…!


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