Sai Lokur speaks about her new Marathi movie Mee ani U

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sai lokur belgaumCommerce and acting are definitely not connected to each other in any way. But one’s passion can make him/her do anything in the world. And here is the tale of a girl who was supposed to be playing with numbers in a firm but is NOT exactly doing that!
Meet Ms. Sai Lokur, a Belgaumite, who has a great passion towards acting. Sai was born and brought up in Belgaum. Completed her schooling from Divine Providence Convent High School, did her Pre University from Gogte College and her B Com from Ruparel College, Mumbai.

Sai was very interested in acting since she was a child and acted in many plays as a child artist. Not only acting she is a very good swimmer and was part of the Swimmers Club.

The little Sai, got great appreciation from all over and at an age of 8 when children just want to play, Sai was prepared to choose her career and she was firm that she wanted to be an actress.

She acted in a number of Marathi dramas, a few advertisements and films like Pakada Gaya, award-winning -Mission Champion and Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Kahe with Fardeen Khan as a child artist.  After her 12th in Belgaum she decided to go to dream land Mumbai and acted in Marathi plays.

Sai’s debut film as a lead was Platform (Marathi), directed by her mother Veena Lokur along with co-artists Mohan Joshi and Sharad Ponkshe.

Beautiful Sai Lokur speaks to Sudheendra Devale about her new Marathi movie “Mee ani U”.

Are you excited about lead role in the film?

Sai Lokur ————> I have got a very nice role after a long time. Was waiting to do such roles. I am very much excited about this role as the character has lot of flavours and resembles my real life character.

About your character in the character?

Sai Lokur ————> I am playing the role of a Journalist named Eera, a girl who is pampered by her father, intelligent and is passionate of becoming a journalist. A chulbuli character.

What excited you the most about the film?

Sai Lokur ————> Almost everything was exciting while shooting. But to mention a few, I enjoyed a lot while shooting for the songs. Two of them were fun. One was ‘Tich Ti’ and ‘Swapna Tuch Tu’. It was because the songs were shot at a place called Masai Pathar near Kolhapur. The exciting part was that the place was very cold, while shooting in the mornings, we used to have tea or coffee after every take. This is what made the shooting more exciting and fun!

And the film has many Visual Effects, which made the shooting more exciting because while shooting there is only a green background and after editing, it is a whole new world!

A brief about the film would be great.

Sai Lokur ————> The title itself says that the film is a love story. Based on the most trending topic now a days – Relationships on facebook. This is one of a kind of films in the Marathi film industry. The film is fairy tale love story. The film has many Visual Effects, which itself is a great thing about the film.

The co-actor is Bhushan Pradhan, the Music is composed by the duo – Avinash Vishwajeet and is directed by Nitin Kamble.

What is the pipeline, Bollywood?

Sai Lokur ————> I had always dreamt of entering the Bollywood. I have been meeting many people and hoping to get into the Dream Land of Bollywood soon!

Plans of entering the Small Screen in Serials?

Sai Lokur ————> Simply NO. Not interested because the serials are monotonous where in you will have to stick with a single character for years. As I am an experimental person so I would like to prefer more of films than serials as I can play different kinds of roles in films.

What do you have to say about the stalking issue which recently happened with Shruti Hasan?

Sai Lokur ————> I don’t want to comment on the issue. Such things keep happening in India frequently. India is NOT a safe place anymore these days. So risks have to be taken.

How is Sai in real life?

Sai Lokur ————> She is a very loving person, makes friends with very soon, loves hanging out with friends, and loves to make new friends. Very sensitive, strives to keep others happy, which makes me happy.

I am very passionate of my work, dedicated and dedicated. For work is my first priority.

Where would like to see yourself in the years to come?

Sai Lokur ————> I would like to see myself as a successful actress in Bollywood.

When will Mee Ani U hit the Cinemas?

Sai Lokur ————> The release date has been scheduled on the 13th of December 2013.

Well, I am done. Would like to say anything else?

Sai Lokur ————> Hmmm… First of all it was really fun shooting for the film. Bhushan Pradhan being the male lead, it was really wonderful working with him. He is a good friend of mine and this became an advantage. The on screen chemistry between us in the film has really come up very well.

When it comes to Nitin, my director, he is a very free and friendly being. He gave me all the liberty while shooting to act. He has done 3 films earlier and was always open for suggestions. Because of this liberty, I could do more justice to Eera. I am very much thankful to Nitin, Bhushan and all the crew of Mee Ani U. 

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