Samarth & Sripad from Belagavi to pen screenplay for Rishab Shetty’s next Hindi film

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Filmmaking just happened in their lives, while Samarth Kadkol was studying in KLE CBALC Belagavi he happened to shoot a documentary using a phone on National Award swimmer Raghvendra Anvekar & ended up getting best director award for it & Sripad Joshi while he was studying at Gogte college, he watched best movies across the world & generated interest in movies, at the same time he was preparing for Film and Television Institute Pune entrance for writing course. One thing is common to both and that movies.

Now the duo of Samarth and Sripad have been roped in by Rishab Shetty who directed Kirik Party for his new Hindi venture as screenplay and dialogue writers.

Meeting each other was also quite cinematic, as they crossed their path one day at a movie theater in Belagavi. Both had studied in the same school at MCC, Shahbad. But it was just a casual chit-chat and they were in touch after that.

Samrath & Sripad
Samarth Kadakol, Rishab Shetty and Sripad Joshi

Samarth moved to Mumbai to pursue moviemaking at Subhash Ghai’s institute while Sripad got himself admission into FTI, Pune.

Both got themselves placed in reputed filmmaking companies in Mumbai with one dream of making movies and with an aspiration that one day a movie will be under our banner.
Working with Siddharth Roy Kapur & Paresh Rawal’s film production company respectively, both had enough exposure now to take on this celluloid world and were waiting for an opportunity.

Samarth in the meantime decided to shift to Bengaluru where he for the first time met Rishab Shetty.  Rishab had a very interesting premise in his mind, he just bounced on them. That story influenced them so much, that we couldn’t stop thinking about it. Samarth had developed a couple of contents for Roy Kapur Films & Sripad was writing for a series in Sony Sab, they knew that they could try on extracting this interesting story.

For a couple of months, they tried to shape this story, but they had to stop for a month, as Rishab was busy with his movie SHPSK’s release.

They had different projects then like Sripad had to wind up his writing for the series he was writing & Samarth had to fly Europe for Sudeep Sir’s next movie Kotigobba 3 as an associate in direction team.
Later he returned to Bengaluru & started to work on it & narrated the story. Rishab liked their work, and they were been signed to develop a screenplay & dialogues for the Hindi movie.

Speaking to AAB, the duo said, we are honored to work with Rishab Shetty, who has already made his huge mark in Indian film industry. Belagavi was the place, where we identified our interest, Belagavi was the place where we started of our career & Belagavi will be always special to us.
We worked hard but never struggled for it. We need filmmakers like Rishab, so every fresher is given a fair chance. Beside this, we are also developing a couple of stories, but are in the initial stage but yet we are excited about this one because we know this will be biggest in our lives.

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