Sanju Movie Review

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Every Saint had a past and every Sinner has a future !! Watch Sanju and decide it yourself whether he was a Saint or a Sinner.

Script: You have seen one side of the coin shown by the media. Now it’s time to see the unheard version of Sanju told by himself. Call it an autobiography or an image makeover attempt, Sanju is a well-written script. The story boasts to be true, however, the deep underworld links of Sanju was not shown, which gives a pinch of being biased.

Sanju Movie Review

Screenplay: takes it’s own time to settle, precisely the first 50 minutes. But once it does, it gives you all the entertainment you need.

Performance: ohh there was Ranbir in the movie? Never observed him. Ranbir has played the role so perfectly that you think it’s actual Sanjay Dutt in the movie. The performance will stay in your mind for days. Delivering a spectacular performance, Ranbir certainly deserves an award.
Vicky Kaushal as a friend and Paresh Rawal as father equally give an outstanding performance.

Direction: Raju Hirani is all set for his 6th hit in a row. Make sure you carry your handkerchief along coz he is gonna make you cry. Don’t worry he has a few comic scenes too to balance the emotions. The father-son chemistry is the USP of the movie and is wonderfully directed.

Music: Fateh, Ruby and Badhiya. Thankfully only 3 songs in the movie and all are good and properly placed. Fateh gives you a motivational punch.

Verdict: Hit with 3.5 stars, certainly a must watch.

Disclaimer: the review is only about the movie and does not authenticate the facts shown or told in the movie.

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