Shahid movie has a music score given by Karan Kulkarni

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karan_kulkarni_musicSon of Belgaum, Karan Kulkarni has given the music for the film “Shahid” which was released on 18th October 2013. Which is currently running in Belgaum.
Karan is the son of Dr Sanjeev Kulkarni and Mrinalini who are both from Belgaum, now settled in Pune. He is the grand son of Dr G.R.Kulkarni noted physician of yester years and Late shri M.N.Naik.

The 27-year-old has composed music for Peddlers, which has received rave reviews in film festivals around the world. But it’s his first release here in India, Shahid, that’s getting Kulkarni all the attention. The musician, who started playing the guitar when he was 15 and then went on to get himself a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production/Sound Design from the Queensland University of Technology [QUT] Brisbane, Australia. The music score for Shahid has been very well appreciated in the Filmy circles. He plays the guitar very well and apart from music direction he has done sound recording for various films. In the advertising industry, Karan regularly works with some of the most well known production houses and globally recognized brands. His work was also nominated for an ‘Abby Award, 2012’ at the ‘GoaFest’. Karan’s musical work spans across a variety of genres, with a focus on experimentation, innovation and re-contextualizing based on the demands of modern trends and audiences.

Listening to his music in Shahid was very refreshing and the song “Beparwaah “ is making waves. We wish him all the very best and hope to see him rise in the film world with his music direction.

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