Vyuha Trailer Launched in Belagavi

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The excitement was palpable as the trailer for the much-anticipated Kannada film “Vyuha” was launched amidst much fanfare in Belagavi. What sets this film apart is not just its captivating storyline, but the fact that it boasts a star cast and technical team predominantly hailing from Belagavi and Uttar Karnataka.

Vyuha” is the brainchild of Suraj Desai, who serves as the film’s actor, writer, and producer. Speaking about the film, Desai expressed his long-standing dream of creating a cinematic masterpiece rooted in the culture and stories of Belagavi. “It was my dream to do a film based on Belagavi’s story with artists and technicians from the region. Although it wasn’t easy, the journey has been incredibly rewarding,” said Desai.


The film features a stellar cast including Abhijeet Deshpande, Shanta Acharya, Ravideep Dalwai, Kiran Biradar, Mansi Shivangekar, Sagar Nakadi, and Vaishnavi Bhute, among others, who are all native to Belagavi. Additionally, the technical team comprises talents such as director Praveen Sutar, co-director Mahesh Patil, cinematographers Vishwa, Vinay Potdar, and Vinod Mandya, editor Prashnat Shebbanavar, and color grader Ranjit Patil, all of whom hail from Belagavi.

One of the standout aspects of “Vyuha” is the involvement of Vicky Subhedar, the executive producer and choreographer, who played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the production. Desai credits Subhedar as the backbone of the film, whose support allowed him to focus on his acting amidst the challenges of production.

The film’s music, composed by Franklin Rocky, and background score, crafted by Gangandeep Kurale and Aniket Heranjal, add depth and emotion to the narrative. Aniket Heranjal’s association with AR Rahman’s institute in Chennai brings a touch of prestige to the film’s music.

Desai, who juggles his passion for cinema with his role as a hotel owner, emphasizes the importance of being involved in every aspect of filmmaking. “Cinema has always been my first love. I gained valuable insights through on-set training during my first film, ‘Noorondu Nenapu,’ which prepared me for the challenges of ‘Vyuha,'” Desai shared.

With a slated release date of March 15th, “Vyuha” promises to be a cinematic treat for audiences, showcasing the talent and creativity flourishing in Belagavi. As Desai looks ahead, he envisions a bright future for the film and plans to continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling in Kannada cinema.

As the countdown to the release begins, anticipation mounts among audiences eager to witness the magic of “Vyuha” unfold on the silver screen, marking a significant milestone for Belagavi’s burgeoning film industry.

VYUHA by SD FILMS/Murubittavaru
Producers: SD Films , Murrubittavaru
Director Praveen Sutar
Co director: Mahesh Patil
Actors :Suraj Desai, Praveen Sutar, Deepashri Gowda, Shanta Acharya, Mansi Shivangekar, Sagar Nakadi, Abhijeet Despande, Mahesh Patil, Vaishnavi Bhute, kiran,Ravideep Dalwai, Manjunath Gadigennavar,
Executive Producer : Vicky Subhedar
Associate director: Basava Puttu
Editor : Prashant Shebannavar
DOP :Vishwaradhya Koti/ Vinod Mandya
Art / Action : Ravideep Dalwai
Music : Franklin Rocky
Background Score : Aniket Heranjal, Gagandeep Kurale
Mixed and Mastered : Aniket heranjal (Swarank Music Studio Belgaum )
Publicity Meghraj S.N
Di colorist: Ranjit Patil
Still Photography : Prasad Rangi

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