1.5 Lakh Cash Seized at Belagavi Airport

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Amidst heightened surveillance during the Lok Sabha elections, officials from the Flying Squad Team (FST) intercepted a passenger at Belagavi Airport and seized a sum of Rs 1.5 lakh in cash.

The individual identified as Jasbir Singh was found carrying the aforementioned amount. As part of election security measures, stringent monitoring has been implemented on both roads and air routes to curb the transportation of cash, gifts, and other electoral incentives.

Acting on instructions from Assistant Election Officers, namely Tehsildars, Officer Shashikant Kolekar and his team from FST Marihal took prompt action upon discovering the cash during a routine inspection of Singh’s belongings at the airport.

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Upon inspection, Rs 1.5 lakh was found concealed within Singh’s luggage. The FST promptly seized the cash and initiated further proceedings. Officer Shashikant Kolekar informed Belgaum Live that the intervention was prompted by information suggesting that an amount of Rs 2 lakh was intended to be transported through the airport.

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