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1000 vehicles seized for lockdown violation

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A total of 1000+ vehicles were seized during the lockdown (April 25 to May 6), announced by the state government for violations.

All vehicles plying were checked and unnecessary movement of people was brought under control during the weekend curfew hours.

The police were seen warning those who were found loitering.
Since the last week, the police have been acting upon such vehicles post noon. Up to 12 PM they are allowing but after 12 PM they are strictly enforcing the lockdown rules.

Already the roads in the city have been barricaded to discourage easy movement of traffic.

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4 thoughts on “1000 vehicles seized for lockdown violation”

  1. Police are doing their best! And are also cooperative!

    But the crowd in the market is like kumbha Mela! People have to understand and behave… Absolute disregard of social distancing. Neither govt nor police can help them! There is a mentality problem…and at this rate virus is here to stay…

  2. I have heard that government has decided
    Not to pay salaries for all government employees
    For minimum period of 6 months in this lockdown overall deduction would be for 18 month’s salary cut considering 2 or 3 lockdown is it true or what ?


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