108 Ambulance service in Belgaum


The 108 Emergency Response Service (ERS), now enters Belgaum.

The project covers medical, fire and police emergencies all in a single number. The need for such a service arises because the country lacks a systematic ERS, prevalent in the developed countries of the world.


The EMRI has thus proved to be a boon. It was born in the context of the ineffective co-ordination among multiple emergency response systems in the country coupled with an inadequate legal framework. To top it all, there was an absence of a single emergency number, trauma care facilities and basic life support ambulances. All these bottlenecks led the genesis of the EMRI.

So the next time there is an emergency the number to call is 108.

How the system works?



  1. Sir I am sorry to say that in some remote places like jamboti Tq Khanapur Dt Belgaum 108 is posted and inaugurated with all the pomp and show and after some time without any information it is sent to other place near to Belgaum who is responsible for this

  2. It is good to hear that emergency response service is provided, but there should be a traffic control system so as to give way to this ERS to go freely without any traffic obstacles. So, a free way should be maintained only for the ambulance to go quickly without delay.

  3. That’s great to hear about this emergency services.Hope now atleast some lives would be saved by this services.

  4. Good start. Next thing to facilitate its full bloom is a traffic management plan and renewed road layout with a special focus on clearances.. anyone locally residing ready to forward this idea to authorities?


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