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Belgaum airport will get night landing facility


Mr L.L. Krishnan, Regional Executive Director (Southern Region), Airports Authority of India (AAI) said that the Belgaum (Sambra) airports runway will be strengthened at a cost of Rs.15 crores. Night landing facility will be provided at Belgaum airport in six months, he said.

Hope all is done as it is said. In fact earlier there were planes that used to land in the evenings or late evenings but all was stopped for reasons unknown. Now there is a single Bangalore flight and what is the use of night landing has to be seen. The Mumbai flight has not yet been started, even after representations to the govt.


I guess this is how the govt. works make facility for night landing and then they will say as there no flights coming in the night we will remove the system. (Cant they think before it is done)




  1. Belgaum, Belgaum Airport is just an a day dream. Since last decade they are telling they will improve the airport at internationl level but still 5% of work also not done. Belgaum is the oldest Airport not only in Karnataka but in India. Belgaum is the second largest exporter of Karnataka, and first in Hydraulics. And the Second IT destinataion hub for Karnataka . The Belgaum have the equal distance for Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderbad. Peoples are visiting from around the India because of Belgaum is having Airforce station& Maratha light infantry .And Belgaum is near to international tourisum places like Goa,Badami,Bijapur.Hence there is a necessity of developing at international level.So it will help to eastablish IT sectors. Export Promotions, and income to tourist palces.

  2. Very unfortunately, Belgaum which has a rich potential and a scope for starting big industries has been severely hampered by the Border -Dispute. Had there been no boundry dispute ,it would have turned into another Bangalore or more bigger perhaps.The Airport would have become an International airport both for Passenger and cargo.
    Belgaum is unique ,it has a modernised and broad minded society more than any part of karnataka .It is very sorry and unfortunate that cities of Hubli-Dharwad ,Kolapur have raced ahead beyond limits in industries ,Commerece etc just because the government is not interested in developing Belgaum being a disputed area.

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