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10k fine imposed on Station parking contractor


To our story posted Parking loot continues at Railway station for bikes Rs.10 when it is 5 around 1.30 PM this afternoon, the DRM Hubballi has swiftly acted upon and imposed a fine of 10,000 on the parking contractor.


vega spaces belagavi

This the second such fine imposed by the DRM on the parking contractor in a weeks time. On October 12 as well AAB Impact – Station parking contractor fined for charging excess fees 5000 fine imposed on the contractor.



  1. ABB … Good job done. But mere fine will not help solves the issue. He will be happy to pay fine and revert to excess charging. Next attempt, his contract should be cancelled and he should be made ineligible for fresh contract. Good initiative.

  2. For 200 bikes a day if he earns Rs 1000 illegaly, the fine will be recovered in 10 days flat. So its a good long term investment. AAB expose him daily and fine him daily, once his ROI is not feasible, he will feel the heat, else he will laugh away the fine, and we all can keep fighting.


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