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Parking loot continues at Railway station for bikes Rs.10 when it is 5

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The parking fees collection in the city at various locations is being charged more than the prescribed ones that is what is evident from this VDO from the Railway station bike parking.

The person sitting there says

Andar jane ka Rs.10 dene ka, when the citizens confronts thats actual fees is Rs.5 he says nahi and carries with his work of collection.


The railways after a recent story tweeted that they had imposed a fine on the Car parking contractor not sure if this too belongs to the same contractor, but he is collecting more than the prescribed amount of Rs.5. the tender copy which we could get a hands on.

belagavi station-parking-rateThen who will stop this?

2 thoughts on “Parking loot continues at Railway station for bikes Rs.10 when it is 5”

  1. Receipts with Printed amount will solve this. No hand written amount. Whether the intelligent administration dies not understand this simple fact. Even inefficiency is a crime. Authorities, please wake up

  2. Hello me and my parents go to our village every once in a while to visit the temple over there so we need to park vehicle in station and take train. Almost Everytime he asks 15rs fr 6+ hrs but we always give 10rs and we don’t argue and just leave. Don’t ask him anything just pay the money and leave he’ll not say anything cuz he knows that it’s the right price.


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