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Excess parking fees demanded by Cantonment parking contractor

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After exposing the Railway car parking fiasco, we have this new parking loot just opposite the Belagavi railway station. This comes under cantonment board and it has given the space on tender for collection of fees, but instead of the prescribed fees they demand 100% more as if it is their own RAJ.

Abhishek Pandit parked his bike opposite the railway station and the person demanded Rs.10 for the bike parked where as the ticket handed over clearly mentioned Rs.5 for 4 hours. Abhishek fought it hard with the contractor and said if he wishes he can take the 5 but in no circumstances he will pay Rs.10. At last the contractor took the Rs.5/.



This is totally insane and way the citizens are been looted by these paring contractors. As per law they have to mention the prescribed rates at the spot they never do that, which itself is a vioalition for which his contract can be terminated. But it is hardly done. The cantonment officers are not interested in how this is executed as they have the money from the tender.

Abhishek said, If only 200 bikes parking is done daily he earns 200*5 = 1000 illegally that is a whopping 30000 per month. This is not fair, the Cantonment must act and above that the citizens must be ready to fight for your rights as it is your money.

Now the questions will the Cantonment look into this and act?


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