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12.26% of Belagavi district poor on MPI metric, says NITI Aayog report

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The headcount ratio answers the question ‘how many are poor?’ India’s national MPI (multidimensional poverty index) identifies 25.01 percent of the population as multidimensionally poor and for the Belagavi district the value is 12.26%.

Belagavi Headcount Ratio – 12.26%
Intensity – 39.96%
MPI – 0.049

The Multidimensional Poverty Index reflects both the incidence and the intensity of multidimensional poverty.

The MPI serves as a complementary measure to the more traditional measures that are based on income or consumption. The rationale for multidimensional measurement of poverty is that wellbeing can be adversely impacted in many forms that may only be indirectly related to an individual’s income or level of consumption.
Deprivations can include an overlap related to poor health, undernourishment, and inadequate access to clean cooking fuel, electricity, water, sanitation, and housing. Importantly, the MPI also reflects some of our national priorities articulated through focused interventions on housing, clean water, sanitation, cooking fuel, electricity along with our universal education goals, improved nutrition and good health for all.

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The MPI is based on three dimensions — health, education, and standard of living — with each having a weighting of one-third in the index. These dimensions are further based on 12 segments — nutrition, child and adolescent mortality, antenatal care, years of schooling, school attendance, cooking fuel, sanitation, drinking water, electricity, housing, assets, and bank accounts.
National Multidimensional Poverty Index: Baseline Report based on NFHS-4 (2015-16) has been developed by NITI Aayog in consultation with 12 Line Ministries and in partnership with State governments and the index publishing agencies –Oxford University’s Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

As per the index, 51.91% population of Bihar is poor, followed by 42.16% in Jharkhand, 37.79% in Uttar Pradesh. While Madhya Pradesh (36.65%) has been placed fourth in the index, Meghalaya (32.67%) is at the fifth spot. Kerala (0.71%), Goa (3.76%), Sikkim (3.82%), Tamil Nadu (4.89%) and Punjab (5.59%) have registered the lowest poverty across India and are at the bottom of the index.

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