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Those 12 Bangladeshi immigrants deported back

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In the month of May 12 Bangladeshi immigrants were found to be living in the Auto Nagar area, of which most of them were working at the meat factory there.

The local police had handed over the case to Internal security department, which after investigations has deported back all of them to Bangladesh.

As many as 12 people who were arrested then were mostly working in Butcher houses in Auto Nagar and had managed to get Aadhar, Ration card and even Passports.

The agents managed to open a private hospital on paper and used to issue birth certificates on the letter head and after that they would apply for Ration card, aadhar card and even a passport. All the 12 arrested in this case have birth certificates issued from the same private hospital. How ever the police have not disclosed the name of the hospital as they believe the roots of this case may be to long and discourse could hamper the investigations.

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