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12 crores drained for assembly session in Belgaum

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12, 33, 64,000 (12 crores 33 lakhs 64 thousand) have been spent by the government exchequer for the assembly session held in Belgaum from 16 to 24 January 2009.assembly

For the 9 days a sum of Rs. 91, 83, 108 (91 lakhs 83 thousand 108) were spent on the food for the Ministers and other officials. So a sum of Rs.1100 was spent per person per day.

 The PWD spent Rs.2, 98, 50, 000 for the roads. The administration had ordered for laying of roads which were not repaired in the past 3 years but the same roads were repaired again using these funds.

Bedsheets, beds worth Rs.30 lakhs were bought for the MLA’s.
Rs.2,84,998 were spent on buying Napkins. After the session was over the administration said that the beds etc will be given to district hospitals and hostels.

 For building the assembly halls M/s Raja enterprises Bangalore were paid a rent of Rs.1,79,77,000. When the previous assembly session was held the order for the hall building was given to the same company.

Rs.18,76,468 were spent on fuel and Rs.16,37,426 were spent as rentals for various cars.

Rs.12 lakh forty thousand were given to the corporation for street lighting & Rs.3 lakh 75 thousand to the Kannda culture department for organizing cultural events.

 Last time in 2006 a sum of Rs. 5 crores were spent and this time for the January session 12 cores were spent.

 All this info was given out by Bhimmappa Gadad who had filed an RTI. He also alleged that there could be misappropriation of funds to the tune of Rs.2 crores. He will follow up the matter with the Lokayukta he added.


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