12 houses to be affected by Mandoli Smart road

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As many 3 families will be homeless and another 9 houses will face partial demolition two of which is to 50% extent.

The Belagavi smart city project had selected Mandoli road to be made as smart road and hence after the marking it was found that about 11 houses will be affected after the widening.

This will be converted into a 80 feet road and a few houses have been built more than 5 decades ago. Out of which 5 will face demolition out of which 2 houses will loose more than 50% of the construction due the new road.

In Chougule wadi many houses will loose 5-7 feet of the construction and in Dwarka nagar a few houses will have to loose the boundary walls, but in Ayodhya Nagar 5 families will be homeless after the widening.

 The persons loosing their land have approached Sashidhar Kurer to get compensation and sources said that the commissioner who is also in charge of the Smart city project has given favorable response to the persons who will loose their homes.

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  1. This is a very good job on road, why not be implemented in the City busy road so the traffic smoothly for public place and will benefit more people. Thanks.

  2. The road is not 80 Feet at all points. Starting from first gate it should be 80 feet wide consistently. Helpless people in Ayodhya nagar have to loose all but for some called posher areas it is at the discretion of officers. Why this inequality? It seems poor have to be lookers all the time.


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