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Stone pelting on Ambedkar road during protest

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Various Dalit organizations have organized a rally organized from Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle in protest against the controversial statement made Union Minister Ananth Kumar Hegde and also the incident at the Bhima Koregaon.

About 15 shops were stoned by persons.

Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle has been totally cordoned off by the police


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  1. This what happens when you don’t get proper industries into Belgaum and force people to become jobless congratulations to the politicians who have not allowed the city to prosper in industries by dividing the people on cast and language

  2. If I’m not wrong this was the 3rd time of stone pelting which happened in the last 3 months.
    If this continues the City soon will get an reward of “Most unsafe City of India”


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