Anganwadi’s go digital with help of NGO

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Mahesh Foundation is an NGO that has been working on Health, Education, Slum Development and woman empowerment since last seven years. One of the things they work on is to empower teachers to teach better and more effectively. Today, Information and communication technology plays an important role in making life easy for teachers.

One can see Digital education only in private schools but quality and digital education is right of each child. Unfortunately the children in govt Aanganwadi’s do not get this facility. In order to make this happen, Mahesh Foundation with support of Selco Foundation Bengaluru, distributed TAB/LAPTOP to five Anganawadis of Belagavi namely Rukmini Nagar 1, Rukmini Nagar 2, Siddeshwar Nagar Kanbargi, Basaveshwar Street Kanabargi, Sagar Nagar Slum Kanbargi.


tabs-anaganwadiThe Tab is powered using Solar Technology and is installed with upgradeable Software ie we can install learning apps, games Etc… through online. Two Tabs have been distributed to each Anganwadi.

Using the TAB/LAPTOP they can improve the learning ability of each child in the Aangawadi. The children especially like the visuals and images and even VDO’s in some cases. Nature, animals, science and other pictures are very attractively shown to children.

The teachers too have found it easy to teach the children with these digital mediums. The entire syllabus is created in digital format and they can teach the children the same.

Mahesh Foundation President Mr. Mahesh Jadha said that in the coming days we plan to distribute another ten TAB/LAPTOP to Belagavi’s Angawadis.

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