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Keeping the Art alive of Tilgul jewelery

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An intricately designed mangalsutra, a pair of bangles and a delicate nose-ring crafted out of Tilgul or halwa as it is called is a dying art but has been kept alive by a few like Prajakta Bedekar of Belagavi. She has been supplying these Tilgul jewelry or ornaments to Dubai, Kuwait, Muscat, Qatar, Canada and USA.

As per tradition, newly-married women are decorated in very special jewellery called the halwyache daagine’ (ornaments made of halwa’ or sugar coated sesame) and black sarees. Just married men and babies too could adorn with similar ornaments.

tilgul-ornamentsMany of ornaments are bought and sent abroad to the newly weds who cant make it for the festival. Some families manage to take them along.

Ornaments are made using Tilgul, Paper flowers, thread etc. In ladies set one normally gets Bindi, Mangal sutra, Necklace, Bajuband, ear rings, ring, bangles and Nadapatti. In men’s set they make a garland and Tura and in kids set they make Kirita, Bajuband, Gajara and Basari.

Speaking to AAB, Prajakta said, it all began as a hobby, when I made the first one’s for my daughter and when friends saw it they too requested me to make one for them and hence I have been making new tilgul Ornaments each with some new themes each year.

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