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125 Consecutive Sundays of Planting Trees for a Better Tomorrow

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Green Saviours is an association of environmentalists from Belagavi who have been planting trees in and around Belagavi since April 2016. The objective is to restore the greenery in the region and consequently compensate for the effects of developmental activities and climate change.

The team of over 50 individuals from various walks of lives undertakes plantation and maintenance activities every Sunday. To date, the team has planted 13871 trees including 5 Mini Forests across 56 different sites in the region. The maintenance activities have ensured the survival of 75% of the saplings. They have also distributed over 1200 saplings. The team has also developed a nursery which comprises saplings of the local species.


The Green Saviours team is commemorating its 125th consecutive Sunday on 26th August 2018 by planting 125 trees at the Nature Care Camp of the Department of Forestry at Halabhavi.

The team wishes to thank the residents of Belagavi, local industry representatives, educational institutions and social organizations for their support. A special thanks to the Department of Forestry for their support in form of saplings for plantation.


Green Saviours also wish to extend an invitation to people in the region to join their cause of Environmental Conservation. Local residents are requested to support the cause by providing land for plantation.

For details contact 9611313919 or write to [email protected]

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