₹13.54 crores spent on holding bye elections in Belagavi

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₹13.54 crores have been spent by the Belagavi administration for holding the bye-elections for Belagavi PC revealed RTI query by Bhimappa Gadad.

The voting happened on April 17 and counting on May 2 where Smt Mangal Suresh Angadi won.

13.54 crore has been spent by the district on the by-election for the recent by-election in the Belgaum Lok Sabha constituency.

A total of 2,566 polling booths have been allocated ₹30,000 to Tahsildars for the purpose of paying election expenses. That amount would be ₹ 8.69 crore.

A sum of 1 crore has been given to the Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

₹ 1.61 lakh has been spent on fuel supply for election vehicles.

27.28 lakhs spent on rent of vehicles

₹ 1.32 crore for various construction works at polling booths

bye elections spent

Observers were provided with 2 mobile phones at a cost of ₹ 23,700.

₹ 6.82 lakh spent on Covid-19 material, election training, and ₹ 72.30 lakh on polling day and ₹ 2.70 lakh on counting day.

No information has been shared as to where the 1 crore was spent by DC allocated to it.

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  1. No explanation needed, all maja madi expenses . Instead should have been spent of medical facilities. Still the white elephant vidhan soda should be converted to hospital for corona instead giving it to corrupt idiot politician.


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