Religious coexistence – a Lesson from history

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I recently was invited as a guest for a blood donation camp to Khatal Galli organized by Sahara Trust, the camp was successful and they collected 70 bottles of blood.

Now blood has no religion or caste, it just saves lives. But this story is not about that. This story is about the Peer Khatal Shaha Dargah there.

At first glance it is a normal Dargah with the grave of an Afghan Peer who died in Belgaum somewhere in 1400 to 1500 possible the Adilshahi regimen, the management claimed that a lot of non-Muslims frequented this place, but then again that was not the story.

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On visiting the Dargah just beside the entrance I found a small temple and I wondered what it was doing there with a board outside stating “Khatlsab Dargah Talim “, my curiosity forced me to explore further and I entered the Talim with a Hanuman temple in front.

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True to its name it was a Talim(Gym). There are wrestlers inside preparing to exercise most of them Hindus. On the wall was a photo with two names in Marathi one Hindu Thanappa Topanna Sable and other Muslim Sayyad Janu Pasha Inamdar of Jalgar Galli possibly the founders of wrestlers of the gym put above a small podium in which there were Hindu Gods.

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The Khatal Shaha Talim inside a mosque housed Hindu wrestlers and Gods is that not amazing!

The Gym has produced national-level wrestlers and those present there had admirable muscles, I was almost on the verge of entering the Akhada myself but remembered I was a guest. Where wrestlers throwing their weight and the game did not know which religion they belonged that is sportsmanship.

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If Gods and Sports can coexist why can’t we.

Belagavi has a rich history of religious coexistence I hope we continue to respect each other’s religion and live happily ever after.

17 thoughts on “Religious coexistence – a Lesson from history”

  1. Very true
    And that is one of the traits of Belagavi which I hope is never lost
    Or should I rather say it will never be lost

  2. Belgaum was always known for its weather, food and people with warm hearts; always welcoming. Somewhere in due course we lost it. Thank you Doctor for bringing up this article.

  3. Its feels so surprising to read post like this,
    Like i have been travelling around that road since i can say 27 years or so noticed the place very often but the place carries so much of history today got to know

    Thank You

  4. There are no religious or linguistic differences here many of us share single roof, plates and uncountable things.

  5. Thanks for sharing your observations ! Dr Madhav Prabhu Ji during your visit to this Durgah and the Wrestling Akhada in Khatal Galli of Belagavi ( Old Belgaum). Needless to say that this city,since I myself was a resident way way back in the 1940’s to 1950’s, has maintained the best traditions of Unity( Bhaichara). amongst all communities that have been residing here since time immemorial. It is hoped that this tradition will continue in Belagavi for years to come. Jai-Hind…..

    • Hum bachpan mein yahan taaleem akhaade mein baar baar jaate thhe. Masha Allah
      Hum ek thhe
      Hum ek hein
      Hum ek rahenge
      Jai Hind

  6. Thanks Dr Madhav Prabhu Ji for the fine information. Khusti is a treat to watch. Time and again champion pehelwans have emerged from the Akhadas of Belgaum, Kolhapur, Nippani, etc.

  7. Hi, Dr. Madhav Prabhu- thank you for sharing this information. Belgaum has a rich history which residents ought to know including children. We’ve lived peacefully for eons of generations and all of a sudden- there’s hatred and animosity between people of different faiths.
    We all know who instigates it and their motto. Anyway- long story short, Belgaumites will always be united. Jai Hind.


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