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16 students from Belgaum district selected for BALSWAR program

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KALANGAN group from Mumbai under the guidance of Mrs. Varsha Bhave will be conducting BALSWARA programs on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. This mega project will be including 1400 children throughout India. This program will be conducted on their behalf throughout India from 14th Nov. 2014 to 14th Nov. 2015. For the same they have been conducting auditions throughout India.songs

Recently they had conducted auditions for Karnataka state at the Shanbag Bhandari High School, Bhagyanagar, Belgaum where in 70 children from all over Karnataka had participated. 40 students were selected for the Balswar program to be conducted here in Belgaum.


On 14th Nov 2014 there is the BALSWARA CD would be released in which there will be 1 song to be sung in 14 languages. For this song recording is done by 40 students
Selected from Belgaum district:

1. Miss Roopa Khadagavi,

2. Master Siddharth L

3. Miss. Basamma Mathad

4. Miss Anushka Apte

5. Miss Pranali Jadhav

6. Miss Gandhali Salunkhe

7. Miss Sanjana Patil

8. Master Shreej Dani

9. Miss Tanmayi Saraf

10. Miss Khushi Vichare

11. Miss Ketki Tamankar

12. Miss Neha Tamankar

13. Miss Kajal Dhamnekar

14. Miss Apeksha Kadle

15. Miss Ruchira Natu

16. Master Kartik Gavli

These students are presently learning music under the able guidance of various music classes and tutors from Belgaum like KLE University’s School of Music, Mrs Archana Belgundi, Mrs Manjushri Khot , Mrs Rohini Kulkarni, Mrs Seema Kulkarni Mrs chandrajyoti Desai.

These students will be leaving to Mumbai on the 4th of July 2014 for a workshop and recording purpose which will be held at the Kalangan premises in Dadar Mumbai.


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