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14 persons detained: BIMS Hospital violence

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14 persons were detained by the APMC police in connection with damaging the property at Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences-District Hospital with stones and setting an ambulance on fire on  July 22. Two were detained last night and the others were detained later.

A special team is engaged in manhunt the others involved in the violence.

After a 55-year-old died, the relatives of the patient entered into an argument with the staff and started to pelt stones and meanwhile burnt the ambulance parked at the entrance and also broke windshields of cars parked in the vicinity.

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The violent attack was unexpected. I was terrified and searching for a place to hide. When I tried to take shelter in a toilet, it was already full of other staff members hiding there. I had no place to hide,” said a nurse with fear still in her eyes, recalling the violence at the Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS) on Wednesday night, reports the New Indian Express.


3 thoughts on “14 persons detained: BIMS Hospital violence”

  1. Inspite of the prevailing calamity, this incident is very sad indeed. Let wiser counsels prevail around us……..

  2. Why the doctors are not protected ,
    Why government is not taking strong action against such violence,
    If the doctors go on strike who will see the patient s
    Enough is enough , now it’s high time government must give severe punishment s for such people .
    Here the doctors are working hard day and night but the people are not showing any gratitude to them


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