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15 feet of water in dead stock at Rakaskop

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By uday

Unfortunately, due to the lack of rain, the water shortage in Belagavi City has become a severe issue. The water is being pumped from the reservoir through a pump set, but if there is no rain, the situation is expected to worsen. The dead stock of the reservoir only has 15 feet of water, which is why the L&T Company and Municipal Corporation have appealed to Belagavi residents to use water sparingly.

The water level of Rakskop Reservoir has decreased significantly due to the lack of rain, and there is less water in the reservoir compared to the previous year. Currently, the water level of the reservoir is around 2,447.50 feet. The L&T company has left two 50 HP cars in the reservoir to manage the city’s water supply system. The usage of one of the pumpsets has already started, and the second pumpset will be used in the next two days. Additionally, there is a possibility of adding more pump sets if more water is needed.


Although water flows naturally from Rakskop Reservoir, the natural source of water has decreased, which is why a pumpset has been added to pump water from the dead reservoir.

Hidkal currently has 4.12 tmc of water, which is half of what it was last year at the same time. Therefore, it is crucial for residents to use water sparingly and take necessary precautions to conserve water.

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