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19 lakh voters – 2566 polling stations – 62 lakhs cash seized

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12-Belagavi South1227051203166243027
13-Belagavi Rural1241581199224244084


Generally, orders under section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 (CrPC) are issued regarding ban on unlawful assemblies and prohibition on holding of public meetings during the period of 48 hours ending with the hour fixed for the close of the poll ,applicable for the areas/constituencies bound for polls.

The restrictions under 144 CrPC Order do not permit more than 5 persons to assemble/move together in the area .However, the Commission has clarified that this does not restrict house-to-house visits during 48 hours in connection with door-to-door campaigning.


During the course of campaign, the political parties mobilize their supporters, including from outside the constituency of poll, in order to bolster that campaign. In view of the fact that after the closure of campaign period, no campaign can take place within the constituency, presence of political functionaries/party workers/procession-functionaries/campaign-functionaries etc., who have been brought from outside the constituency and who are not voters of the constituency, should not continue to remain present in the constituency as their continued presence after campaign ends may undermine the atmosphere for free and fair poll.

No loudspeaker shall be permitted to be used during the period of 48 hours ending with the poll closing time.

‘Dry Day’ is declared for the constituencies from 15.04.2021, 6.00 PM to 17.04.2021

12.00 Midnight.

Counting Centres for Bye-elections 2021 – Rani Parvati Devi College (R.P.D),Tilakwadi, Belagavi

Number of Counting Halls 17

MCC ,Law & Order, Complaints and Media Reports on violations and Suvidha

Model Code of Conduct:

A total of 27 Flying Squads, 27 Static Surveillance Teams have been activated, 509 number of Wall Writings 967 number of posters and 1232 number of banners and 555 others, have been removed in Belgaum PC. .NIL Cases have been lodged under Karnataka Open Places (Provisions of disfigurement)act1981.

In the last 24 hours, Static Surveillance Teams have seized NIL. Cumulatively Rs.62,55,510/- cash seized.

Further, Flying Squads Teams have seized items worth Rs. Nil in last 24 hours. Other police authorities have seized Nil Ltr worth Rs. Nil in last 24 hours. Cumulatively, the Flying Squads Teams & other police authorities have seized liquor 4327.74 Ltr worth Rs. 11,97,628.70 Cash Rs .Nil Silver worth Rs. Nil and other items worth Rs .Nil.

Cumulatively, Flying Squads, SSTs and authorities have seized Cash/liquor worth Rs.11,97,628.70.

Flying Squad Teams &other Police authorities have booked FIRs in Nil Cases of Cash/other items related to seizure and other MCC related violations in the last 24 hours. Cumulatively, Flying Squads have registered FIRs in 190 Cases. SSTs have registered Nil FIR in case of Cash/other items related to seizure in last 24 hours. Cumulatively, Static Surveillance Teams have registered FIRs in Nil Cases.

While Excise department have seized 66.730 litres of IML & other liquors worth Rs. 14,744/- and booked 4 Heinous cases, 3 cases for Breach of License conditions and 11 cases under Section 15 (a) of Karnataka Excise act 1965 in last 24 hours. Cumulatively, seized 4262.624 liters of IML & other liquor worth Rs.15,84,410.84/- and booked 38 Heinous case, 42 cases for Breach of License Conditions, Nil NDPS case and 88 cases under Section 15(a) of Karnataka Excise act 1965.


Nil Arms have been deposited, preventive sections of Cr.PC have been booked in 6 cases, 0 persons were bounded over under preventive sections of CrPC, 77 Non-boilable warrants were executed and 44 Nakas made operational in the last 24 hours. Cumulatively, 4111 arms have been deposited since the date of enforcement of Model Code of Conduct and Nil arms were impounded, Nil armed licenses have been cancelled, preventive sections of CrPC are booked in 594 cases since the date of enforcement of MCC.840 persons were boundover under preventive sections of CRPC and 1912 Non-bailable warrants were executed from the date of enforcement of elections.

Complaints and Media Reports on violations(as on14.04.2021)

• 63 complaints have been registered by the citizens on NGRS portal. These complaints are disposed off.

• 10 Complaints have been received through cVIGIL application and complaints were disposed off.

• 52 complaints have been received through letters and emails, In total 52 complaints 44 have been disposed of 6 pending in enquiry stage these complaints will be disposed of by tomorrow.

• 45 cases of Violation of COVID-19 guidelines have been acted upon in which Nil FIRs have been registered in serious violations and in 28 cases fine of Rs, 62,150-00 has levied on violators.

Suvidha 13-04-2021

Under Suvidha 319 requests were received for seeking various permissions among them 90 for holding meetings with loudspeaker and 50 without loudspeaker, 49 for permit for street corner meeting, 57 for vehicle permit, rally 09 and 64 other applications were received. And 2 helicopter permissions given.


As per the Covid-19 Guidelines issued instructions to all ARO‘s to maintain Social Distancing at training and mustering and de-mustering places and to all the polling personnel and election staff supplied sufficient thermal scanner, gloves ,mask & sanitizer and all the rooms of training and polling stations are sanitized.

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