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COVID on the rise but shortage of Vaccine in Belagavi

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COVID-19 is touching new highs in the country and each day is a new peak today also Belagavi is likely to see its single highest single day spike, but at the same time the district is facing an acute shortage of vaccine.

Most of the vaccination centers are closed as they don’t have the vaccine including the stock of the vaccine.
Be it at the civil hospital or the private Paid centers. In some cases, the private paid centers are getting vaccines on alternates days.

Citizens say, so much inconvenience for the people to stand in Queue and then told that there is no stock.


And when asked when it will come, no idea is the answer.

Chief minister of the state is in Belagavi even then there is shortage of the vaccine.

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  1. Let’s give more to our fellow, more deserving, neighbors.
    Be safe,
    be RESPONSIBLE . . . ,
    and STAY blessed everyone


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