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2 Children die while playing in a parked car

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In a very shocking and tragic incident two children lost their lives after they were stuck in a parked car in which they were playing.

The incident occurred at Gunji village of Khanapur taluk on Thursday afternoon. Three children Preetam Praveen Kandale (3) and his younger brother Prem (2) and their sister were playing inside the car when the central locking got activated and they were stuck inside the car.


Their loud cry was also not audible to the parents. After a while when someone from tehg family saw them inside removed them from the car and were rushed to the hospital where Preetam and Prem were declared dead, but miraculously their sister survived.

The children got suffocated due to lack of oxygen.


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  1. This was due to suffocation, there are other reasons also such as fire in running cars, people unnecessarily add gadgets to their cars which may cause fire due to short circuit, I would suggest people not to add anything extra, use the vehicle in the standard condition which the company has delivered.


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