Modern wholesale Vegetable Market at APMC Belagavi

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A modern wholesale Vegetable Market in Block “B” & Block “C” at Main Market of A.P.M.C. Belagavi has been planned and a tender for the same has been floated.

The Approximate value of the project is Rs.10,90,00,000 and the contractor will get 11 months to cpmplete the work. The tender would be opened on 02/06/2015.

It is also planned to Construct Modernized 1000 M.T.Godown at Main Market Yard of A.P.M.C. Belagavi under R.K.V.Y. Scheme. The approximate value is Rs.8456164.09.

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  1. While modernization of city’s infrastructure is most welcome, the BCC needs to pay more attention to improving the basic infrastructure of the city in terms of urgent repairs to some of the roads which are in pathetic condition for the past several months. One such road is the Link Road from Khanapur Road to Second Railway Gate on Congress Road. This is an important link road which is used by a large No of people including school children. The severely pot holed road has become dangerous particularly for two wheelers.


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