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200k Likes for AAB – Thank you

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200k+ Likes and over 202K FOLLOWS for ; most definitely merits a Wow!!!

On the sentimental scale. When AAB began as a one-man passion, little did we realize that it would evolve to assume the status of being a “Commitment”.

People joined hands, the likes grew upon us and the humble effort seems to be gathering both momentum and followers.

While it feels nice to rest upon the acceptance value of the endeavor, some issues still continue to remain matters of concern. While the highlighting of things that mean so much to us and matter so much in our daily lives has been a satisfactory accomplishment and the quantum of readers has been satisfactory we can only hope for the contributors to grow, especially in terms of the comments and suggestions. One can also hope that the headlines that we present, spur both the people and the authorities to action so that the little anomalies are resolved before they attain unmanageable proportions and grow on us to take the shape of the problem.

200klikesWhile some issues are unique to our city, most, in general, encompasses matters that concern citizens across India and often across the globe. Local, national or international, worries will still be worries, concerns would still give sleepless nights and accomplishments would still generate the euphoria of joy in achievement.
We at All About Belgaum, especially the founder members and the contributors wish to extend our sincere thanks to our readers, friends, critics, and well-wishers for making ours such a wonderful journey.
The temptation is super and we cannot but help reiterate that 2,00,000 is most certainly worth a Wow!!
Thanks for making us such a “Happening” platform/forum and excited about the journey onwards.
Let us re-commit ourselves to sharing everything that matters and is so typical of this wonderful place of ours.
All About Belgaum, in more that sense is All About Humanity!!!!

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