Seizure of nine sugar mills as they fail to clear dues

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The government has asked Tahsildars of the respective taluks to seize factories which failed to clear a major chunk of the pending dues of growers. Many other sugar factories in the state are also expected to be seized by the government in the next few weeks

Chief minister HD Kumaraswamy recently had made a statement against sugar mills which have not cleared dues of farmers.

As many as nine factories in the district have failed to pay the complete payments to farmers according to the fair remunerative price (FRP) announced by the central government.

The nine factories which will be seized are: Bhagyalaxmi sugar factory of Khanapur, Renuka factory of Munavalli, Gokak Sugars of Kolavi, Someshwar factory of Bailhongal, Vishwaraj Sugars of Hukkeri, Athani Sugars, Krishna Sugars and Ugar Sugars of Athani, Malaprabha factory of MK Hubli.

For the past few months, the sugar factories were unwilling to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the government to ensure that growers were paid as per the fair and remunerative price (FRP) fixed by the Union government for the financial year 2018-19.

Nine factories owe Rs 350.71 crore to farmers in 2018-19. These include Laila Sugars of Khanapur (Rs 32.40 crore), Ranukar Sugar of Munavalli in Savadatti taluk (Rs 45.07 crore), Gokak Sugar of Kolavi in Gokak taluk (Rs 22.40 crore), Someshwar Sugar of Bailhongal (Rs 11.91 crore) Vishwaraj Sugars of Bellad Bagewadi in Hukkeri taluk (Rs 33 crore), Athani Sugars of Athani (Rs 64.60 crore), Krishna Sugars of Athani (Rs 17.15 crore), Ugar Sugars of Ugar Khurd in Athani taluk (Rs 102.53 crore) and Malaprabha Sugars of MK Hubli in Bailhongal taluk (Rs 21.65 crore)

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  1. Farmers should stop growing sugarcane, it is an high water consuming crop.
    In lot of places the ground water has been depleted because of growing sugarcane.


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