Belagavi Administration yet to hand over 26 acres to Airport

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The Belagavi airport is coming back to its old glory from June 20 when the total number of flights from Belagavi will reach to 8 flights a day to 5 destinations namely Bengaluru (4), Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Currently, all the planes are smaller aircraft, even when the airport is capable of handling big Airbus and Boeing air crafts.

Air India was the lone operator which was plying an Airbus in the Bengaluru route but it shifted the service to Hubballi.

370 acres had to transfer to the AAI for the Belagavi airport but only 344 acres has been transferred as on date.

ixg-airportThe 26 acres in question is under litigation and hence authorities are struggling to transfer the same.

For big aircraft like CAT-1 lights play a key role and due to nontransfer of land four CAT-1 lights are outside the compound of the airport. 16.4 gunthas of land is the immediate requirement for the CAT-1 lights to be under the AAI premises.

On the southern side as well AAI has not been able to take possession as the land is part of a graveyard and the district administration is yet to provide and alternative land for the same.

A road for the villages of Mavinkatti and Honyal villages passes right through the airport compound and the administration has still not made a road on the periphery of the airport boundary.

Also as per the Airport Director Rajesh Kumar Maurya, a proposal has already been sent to the AAI for another terminal building.

4 more booking counters will be set to accommodate more flights and operators. The installation of the ILS, the instrument landing system is in its last phase would be made operational shortly.

Under the second phase, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) plans to make Belagavi airport single-use plastic free. Single-use plastics or disposable plastics are used only once before they are thrown or recycled. Items like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles, six-pack rings, plastic party cups, and most food packaging fall under the single-use plastic category.

4 thoughts on “Belagavi Administration yet to hand over 26 acres to Airport”

  1. This needs to be brought to the notice of concerned people in the Government & local elected representatives. Unless they take interest it’s difficult to get the desired work done for the improvement of airport & it’s facilities.
    Hope concerned authorities take notice of this news in AAB.

  2. The saga of Belgavi continues due to lack of precise vision/planning, mismanagement, political fights and laziness of project managers .

  3. With advent of Modi 2.0 regime let’s hope all the roadblocks will be cleared. Will Suresh Angadi MP deliver his worth lets wait and watch. The much needed rail link between Hubballi Kittur Belagavi ye see the track.

  4. Lack of planning and sense of vision will only harm the city. Don’t make it the second Bangalore. It must no matter what the Flora and fauna must be preserved and then the development plan must be done. Keep the city green and clean to make it a Better works for tomorrow


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