21 full grown trees trans-located in Tumkuru in 2 days


Tumkuru Smart City Ltd became the first city in India to adopt Tree Transplantation model along with the Smart City work under the guidance of Belagavi based Tree Transplanter Kiran Nippanikar of Shoonya Foundation.

Speaking to AAB, Kiran said, “It was a proud moment for me to be a part of the development work along with saving 21 Trees ? that would have been chopped down else wise for development and another 150 trees have also been planned.”


At the same time he said in Belagavi as well around 48 trees have been successfully trans-located and all the trees at their new location have shown good growth.

tree translocationBut the Belagavi Smart city Ltd hasn’t learned from this and it should actually follow this smart method of preserving nature when it is undertaking its projects for development & this model can actually go hand in hand as one done in Radha Krishna Road Tumkuru.

The new bus stand project, already the full-grown trees been felled. The one at Kalamandir, Vadgoan Hospital & Srinagar Road which has a lot of trees (Approx 80-90) has to be translocated elsewhere to make space for the construction. Have they thought of this????

What is the smartness in cutting a tree and then plating one sapling, by law it may be correct but not fruitful for this or the coming generations?

It will take 10-15 years for the trees to grow and give shade and if we can save them in their current state why not do it. Again it is an expensive proposition but when the Smart city is spending so much money why not this as well which will help restore Greenery as early & work in sync with nature without disturbing its habitat.



  1. Dear sir
    Appreciate the move taken and wait for some time to know whether the trees survive do not cast doubts right now and spoil the spirit of translocation for the other trees

  2. Congratulations Tumkur Smart City Ltd. For wonderful work…. Only people who don’t know about translocation of trees and methods speed negatively…. Go ahead…

  3. @shivanna,
    Your doubts are justified if u see the trans located trees. Pl don’t comment without seeing the site.
    I have done the translocation of grownup tress with success.

  4. But wr this all tree replaced or not that is the dout & it will be grown or not I am full 100% dout, this is just for a name shake.

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