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Sustainable Lifestyle- A Belgaumite’s Reality

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Sharing personal experiences with a Sustainable Lifestyle and Waste Reduction, Jaydeep Lengade of the Green Saviours addressed the gathering at the National Level Students Seminar on the occasion of World Ozone Day.

He talked at length about the 6R techniques of Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair, Rot, and Reuse which go a long way into supporting the environment. The event was conducted at KLE Society’s Raja Lakhamgouda Science Institute, Belagavi.

At the personal level, Mr. Lengade follows these principles in his own life including segregation of waste into 3 distinct categories in his own house. He refuses to drink from plastic cups and prefers to skip the meal instead of eating in a plastic plate with a plastic spoon.

Totally abandoning the use of tissue papers and even the finger bowl in hotels, he has not consumed from a bottle of bottled water over a period of more than 5 years.

Jaydeep Lengade of the Green SavioursHighlighting the fact that Belagavi produces 60 trucks of waste daily, with most of it ending up at the Turumuri dump yard, he called on the audience to follow little steps and even innovate to create a few new initiatives at the personal level to stop the problem of waste.

Mr. Lengade who is among the founder members of the Green Saviours team also stressed the need for Urban Forests and outlined the work of the Green Saviours team that has been engaged in tree plantation and maintenance for the past 180 Sundays without a break.

Jaydeep Lengade of the Green SavioursHe also highlighted that every individual has a Carbon footprint on account of the generation of Carbon dioxide which is directly or indirectly associated with each of our daily activities. We can become Carbon Neutral individuals by planting trees to offset the pollution caused by our actions. This responsibility is the least that we can undertake in the wake of the urgent need for ecological restoration and reversal of climate change.

About the Author:
Sameer Majli, Educationist and Founder of Green Saviours, Belagavi

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