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268 two wheelers without number plates seized

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Helmet-less or Drunk-driving driving isn’t the only traffic violations haunting city police these days. There’s also the issue of the ‘missing’ number plates. Though much lesser in the count than the former offenses, traffic personnel rue how this illegal practice to is on a consistent rise.

Today in a couple of hours 268 two-wheelers seized and owners fined and the vehicles were released only after the mandatory number plate was put in place.

Last week only in a hit and run case the number of the bike could be read easily by anyone as 90% of the plate was some matter and in the balance, the number was mentioned.

bikes with no number plates

These include vehicles spotted zipping around town without a number plate, or sporting improper plates with either illegible fonts or completely faded out numbers.

Apart from vehicles having no number plates, scores of two-wheelers, especially the second-hand ones, have number plates that cannot be read at all.

This is a serious offense because the lack of a number plate makes it difficult to track down a vehicle involved in a crime.

While many give the mandatory number plate a miss, there is an equally large number of motorists who continue driving around with their temporary registration number for over a year, cops said.

5 thoughts on “268 two wheelers without number plates seized”

  1. If the monetary fine involves only few rupees then the violators are going to keep committing the same thing over and over. Heavy fine would make those violators to think twice before they violate.

  2. Is riding a motorcycle with a temporary number plate (TMP- NO. PLATE) not TC. for first 30 days of issue of temporary number is an offence?

  3. Release their vehicle attach all their property (immovable and movable), till the payment of fines. Written undertaking next offense would put them in jail alongwith property transferred to Government of India.

  4. Please also plan to have transparent glass on all public transport like

    Auto / Taxi etc…

    We see the autos completely covered with black glass carrying school children.


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