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29 discharged on Wednesday while 9 are in ICU

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Wednesday saw 27 new cases for COVID-19 in Belagavi district while 29 were discharged and 9 patients are being treated in the ICU.

Patients discharged:

P-12149,P-12150,P-12151,P-16960,P-16961,P-16962, P-16963, P-17022,P-18293,P-18294,P-18295,P-18296,P-18297, P-18298, P-18299,P-18300,P-19959,P-19960,P-19961,P-19962, P-19963, P-19964,P-19974,P-19975,P-19976,P-19977,P-23130, P-23131 & P-23132.

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Reports of 2467 samples are awaited and 28159 tests have been done.

Active: 94


Recovered: 342

Deaths: 7

Patients in ICU: 9


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