3 killed in accident


Three youngsters all in their early twenties were killed in an accident at Sulga village(8 kms from the city) as their car dashed the railings of a small bridge. They were returning from Amboli after the new years party.

Shanky Porwal, Dheeresh Khoda & Mehul Porwal are the names of the deceased.


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  1. wat eva u fool y do u comment on such links . have some manners . suppose u were in tht place wat would u do . if u were alive also n have seen this comments who would u feel …… u all are a bid assholezzzzzz

  2. Belgaum is most hearted city of entertaining when the news came out it was just shocking surprise for me. please for all young stars of bgm do what ever you want make sure about thinks must be safe. its just an accident everything depends upon destiny, May god give peace an soul rest to them. really sad demise.

  3. This is a sad news.. saw the car when I was coming back from goa… didnt know it was the same car in which Dheeresh was travelling… this was really sad… 🙁 couldnt believe he's no more…

  4. Mr. Sailesh I think u were urself in the bar, and must have seen ur own bill.. There were petrol bill from goa n not bar bill for ur information..

  5. i hav seen the bar bills from goa ,it is too bad for their parents,what was a point in enjoying that soo far,the vehicle might have been very fast coz the scene of the accident shows it

    • Y do idiots like you have to comment on things they have absolutely no idea about…i think its a cultural hangover isnt it?..You know absolutely nothing but have an opinion on everything…dont you? Please get your facts right before you post bullshit online…

  6. its a perfect news , which you have given , where as other news chennals the names printed faultly,
    overall it was very bad news to us….

    • Not a 'perfect news' but I guess(and hope) you meant 'accurate'…Hope you are a little more sensitive when commenting on a news item such as this and if unsure abstainance is better.

      May Their Soul Rest in peace and May God give strength to the bereaved family.


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