Aadhar kids get a new year surprise

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When the world had celebrated the arrival of the new year, for the kids at Aadhar orphanage at Kanbargi was nothing but a night with some more sounds of crackers.
But the new year morning was surprise to them, as they were invited to see the government top officials to celebrate the new with them.
All the kids at Aadhar were invited by DC, Ekroop Caur, she cut the cake along with the kids and also gave them chocolates.New Year Celebration with DC 3
She said that, “it was a wonderful and memorable experience today’s new year greetings with all the orphan children s from Aadhar i once again wish all of them a very happy new year. This new year very special for me all the best Aadhar doing excellent work for orphans”.
Then they also went to see the SP, Sandeep Patil who said “This is a Very memorable new year day for me as i got to spend time with wonderful kids in Aadhar. Aadhar & Mahesh Foundation is doing excellent & superb job and wish them all the best for their that serve which they are enjoyed in.”New Year Celebration with Sandeep patil POLIC Department 01
The kids also spent time with the Girish Hosur, IFO.
New Year Celebration with govt workers 01
Children from Aadhar gave flowers and wished the staff at the DC office as well.

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  1. Wow, wow, wow……
    Such a great achievement from Aadhar. I really felt very happy lookin' at this. i can also see their shirts branded as Aadhar. Great goin Aadhar. A very happy new year kids 🙂 Live long


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